Monitoring Learning

A 1-to-1 classroom that SST offers gives added ability to teachers to leverage on a vast amount of resources and Information Technology (IT) tools out there. And as part of the monitoring element in the students' learning in this particular module, Evernote, a cloud-document sharing tool, and Facebook, a social media platform were used to do this.

Screenshots of notes and exchanges between the teachers and students, as well as amongst the students, as they plough along in their Videography projects, are shown below. This was an experiment by the ADMT department, in leveraging on the functionalities of Evernote, as a tool for capturing and monitoring individual students' developments over the entire timeline of the project, vis-a-vis the project team. Facebook was also used as a means to deliver and monitor the lessons.

Screenshots of Evernote documents:

Individual Reflections

Adding in notes in one of the lesson notes

Some notes on Character Development

Dissecting a movie into sub-components

Monitoring their work

Individual reflections at the production stage

Screenshots of Facebook Group page:

Overview of FB Group page...last entry

Using SketchRoll on the iPad2 to deliver lessons on post-production checklists, and uploading them into FB Group album. This was in itself an experiment on trying to leverage on the iPad to deliver some of the lessons.

One of the affordances of FB as a pervasive social media tool is the immediacy of comments/feedback that you can garner from the students/participants

..just a snapshot of the feedback gathered

Number of comments obtained from the students/participants

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