Capturing their Learning

The following artefacts are some formative elements that were incorporated in the module to get students to understand the various concepts in the Videography module.

Below are some formative assessment works that the students' did as part of their (formative) performance tasks leading on to the actual pieces of works.

Each pair (only for this exercise) was given a free rein in creating their own story, with a caveat that all their scenes in the storyboards must end with the final scene of a pencil breaking into 2.

The main objective of this exercise is to get students to think through the idea of perspectives, and how this is important in telling a story..any story, more effectively. The element of the broken pencil as the last scene acts as a convergent point for all the stories, to give students that added flexibility and creativity to come up with interesting stories. Students are free to work on their stories and angles, and can choose to leverage on the last scene as a moment of finality of their story, or as a metaphor...or something else!

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